The founder of AIDA, Josef Prousek, was born on 25 January 1883 in Drzkov, a small town in northern Bohemia. After graduating from high school, he trained as a confectioner from 1896 to 1899. As usual at that time, he travelled through Lysá nad Labem, Prague and Brno on his way to Vienna, where he started as an apprentice confectioner. In 1912 he married Rosa Nerad from Bruck an der Leitha and later had two children, Hilde and Felix.


Josef Prousek was born in Northern Bohemia in 1883. After training as a confectioner, or as it was then affectionately known, a "Zuckerbäcker” (sugar baker), he moved to Vienna, to expand his knowledge at "Bonsaing & Sons" confectionary business.


In Vienna he met his future wife Rosa, whom he married in 1912 and in 1913, together with her, bought and ran the pastry shop "Bonsaing & Söhne".


A few years later, in 1921, they started production in Vienna IX, in Porzellangasse. The once small confectionery store became the "Chocolaterie & Grosskonditorei AÏDA". Production remained there for 53 years until 1974.

1921 – 1974

Production remained there for 53 years until 1974. Years later, many locals still remember the fine scent of fresh strudels and kolatschen tarts in the early morning in Porzellangasse.


The high quality and wonderful taste of AÏDA's finest baked goods enchanted the Viennese. In the following years branches were opened all over the city. 1931 on Mariahilfer Straße, 1932 in Bognergasse. Up until today sweet delicacies can be enjoyed there. By 1939, AÏDA had opened 11 branches in Vienna.


Up until today sweet delicacies can be enjoyed there. By 1939, AÏDA had opened 11 branches in Vienna.


Josef and Rosa Prousek’s son Felix slowly began to follow in his father’s footsteps. The foundation stone was laid for a family tradition that has survived up until this day.


Felix Prousek once said - and lived this for decades: "It is easier to learn confectionery than to do nothing." From these words came AÏDA's claim to quality, service and customer satisfaction.


Josef and Felix Prousek wrote down all their recipes to preserve them for posterity. The oldest recipe of the famous AÏDA cream slices dates back to 1943.


After the Second World War, father and son went back to work and started rebuilding branch by branch.


In the post-war period, in the reconstructed production unit in Porzellangasse in Vienna, they made donuts and ice cream for US soldiers. AÏDAs continued existence was secured.


In 1946 Felix Prousek managed to open additional branches. He also brought the idea of"fast coffee and cake", common in Italy, to Vienna. Austria’s first espresso machine was put into operation in 1946 in the AÏDA branch in Wollzeile in Vienna I. Since then, AÏDA has been known as "Café-Konditorei". A true innovation that was enthusiastically greeted by the people of Vienna.

1950 – 1970

With the opening of AÏDA stores throughout Vienna, the decades that followed shaped Felix Prousek. The production in Porzellangasse, Vienna was subsequently too small to keep up with the great demand.


In 1974, a modern production plant in Schönthalergasse in Vienna XXI was opened. To this day, up to three tons of the finest Viennese confectionery are produced by hand, on a daily basis.

1956 – 2018

From 1956 to 2018, 29 Aida branches open in Vienna.


In 1974, Josef Prousek died and his son Felix took over the entire management of the family business. In 1982, Michael Prousek, a third generation of the family, joined the traditional Viennese company. Together with his father Felix, they continued to work successfully on expanding the store network, introducing new products, and upholding the original idea of founder Josef Prousek "to make every customer smile every day".


Michael Prousek has added some of the best products to AÏDAs product portfolio. In 2005 he invented the very popular Mozart cake.


In 2006, after 60 years of roasting boiling at AÏDA, its coffee was awarded the "Golden Coffee Bean" by Gault-Millau.


Since 2007, Michael Prousek has been managing AÏDA’s business with his wife Sonja. Sonja Prousek brought further innovations to the family business and AÏDA received another "touch pink". There was a total refurbishment, the packaging was given a more modern design and employee uniforms were changed.


After completing his studies in economics, Dominik Prousek, the fourth generation of the family, joined the family business in 2015. Dominik Prousek brought innovations for further products and accelerated the constant expansion in Vienna and throughout Austria.


In July 2018, in the 105th year of AÏDA in Innsbruck, the first Austrian branch outside the metropolitan area of Vienna opened. Further branches throughout Austria will follow during the 2018 anniversary year.