Over 100 years of tradition



The founder of AIDA, Josef Prousek, was born on the 25th of January, 1883 in Drzkov, a small town in northern Bohemia. After finishing mandatory school he went into training from 1896 to 1899 to become a confectioner. As was customary at that time, he went travelling and passed through Lysá nad Labem, Prague and Brno on his way to Vienna, where he started as a confectioner’s apprentice.

In 1912 he married Rosa Nerad from Bruck an der Leitha and later had two children, Hilde and Felix.



In 1913 Rosa and Josef Prousek bought the confectionery Bonsaing at Porzellangasse 47 in Vienna’s 9th district and founded Chocolaterie u. Gross-Konditorei "AIDA" Prousek & Co.



Up until the Gewerbesperre in 1934 Aida opened several new sales outlets, but only the shop in Wollzeile 28 was run as a Café-Konditorei. Before the start of the war there were already 11 shops.



All the branches survived the war and Aida started producing gingerbread-like cookies for the AKH (General Hospital) partly from supplied materials and partly from already available materials. Aida handled a big order of a few hundred cakes for the Soviet Army to celebrate their success in the „Siege of Budapest“. In the fall of 1945 the Americans came to Vienna and requisitioned the business for the American Red Cross. Donuts and ice cream were produced.



Production and sales were seperated and on March 1st, 1973 AIDA- Produktionsges.m.b.H & Co. KG was founded. In the summer of 1976 the work on a production facility in Schönthalergasse 1, 1210 was begun and completed.



The company AIDA-Prousek & Co. was operating 26 branches and the management was handed down from Dkfm. Felix Prousek, son of the founder, to his son Michael.



As of 2013 AIDA is expanding internationally with branches opening in Zagreb (Croatia), Krakow (Poland), and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). The chain is positioning itself in these countries as a luxury confectionery shop with 100 years of tradition. Dominik Prousek entered the family business and established the fourth generation Prousek in management.